Hey MTV, Welcome to my crib

Just a small town Midwest girl making a home in the big (windy) city. Welcome to my digital living room.

In 2013, I was feeling burnt out and uninspired. It was my freshman year of college, and I was in desperate need of a creative outlet. One night on a whim, I created a lifestyle blog on Blogspot.

I didn't have many plans for it, except having fun. But I quickly realized there was an incredible community in the blogosphere (as it was known back in the day). And my desire to have a beautiful website on a ramen budget led to something even better.

Long story short, in 2018 I quit my soul-sucking day job as a social media manager to run my creative studio full time. And even through multi-state moves and global pandemics, I haven't looked back.

In early 2022, my husband and I purchased our first home – a 1907 condo on Chicago's north side. Now we're making it our own, one DIY at a time.

That's when this iteration of my blog was born. After nearly a decade, I was ready to return to my roots and create content for fun. Welcome to the journey!


1970s music, serif fonts, the color green, vintage rugs, dusty bookshelves + velvet.

I began teaching myself graphic and web design, and soon that turned into working with clients to help pay my way through college.

Lizzie Campbell

meet the blogger

Star Sign


Favorite Meal

Homemade bolognese + a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Starbucks Order

An iced chai with soy milk + a shot of espresso. (I was a barista for 4 years, can you tell?)

characters I borrowed my personality from

Lorelai Gilmore, Leslie Knope, Hermione Granger, Rachel Green and Buffy Summers.

Favorite show

An impossible tie between Gilmore Girls and The X Files.

All About

Iced coffee, homemade pasta, hardwood floors, natural light, French doors, exposed brick, Corgi snouts + the color pink.

Not About

Mean people, unexpected phone calls, humidity, delayed trains, crowds, hustle culture + fake authenticity.

agree? Let's be friends.


The Road So Far...


the beginning

I got bored one night and looking for a creative outlet, I started a blog on Blogspot.


The Design Studio

I was feeling a little (over) confident and began offering "logo" design services for $50.


college grad

In 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor's in Journalism and started a full-time job in marketing.


the windy city

I landed a (so-called) dream job in Chicago, so I packed my bags. Turns out it wasn't exactly a dream... but in October I quit to pursue my business full time!


the c-word

You already know the story... the world stopped. Oh, but I married my high school sweetheart of 10 years!


Keep on keeping on

I kept my head down and did the work – growing my studio, building my brand and surviving the first 8 months of puppyhood.


Onwards + Upwards

In early 2022, my husband and I bought our first home – a 1907 condo on Chicago's north side. Can't wait to see what's next!

fire up Chips!


more coming soon!